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The Process of Aircraft Painting
Upon arrival at our facility, control surfaces, flaps, and wing tips are removed from the aircraft, windows and fiberglass are covered for protection; then all is followed by an application of biodegradable stripper.

After the paint has been stripped off, aircraft is high pressure washed, PreKote is then used as a replacement for both the Etching & Alodining process. The first washing process is done to clean the pores of the aluminum and to remove all residues of corrosion and other impurities. The second process protects the aluminum while also promoting adhesion of the paint to the aluminum. 

The aircraft is then moved along the rest of the painting process. Aircraft is primed, bodywork is performed, a bodywork balance is done, basecoat is applied, the design is laid out, colors are sprayed, and the aircraft is detailed. Controls are checked for balance and installed by an IA, landing gear is swung, the battery is charged, then a secondary safety inspection is performed, aircraft is then presented to the owner for a final review before take off.