I sincerely want to say, you and your crew sure did a fine job of painting my Mooney. I appreciate your working with me on getting it just right. Your patience and quality of work is excellent as far as I am concerned. I am speaking from experience so I know of what I speak of!


Steven Adams

Overall 5 of 5
I've used Master Aircraft services several times on my C-182. Kenny and his crew have always done a great job! Thanks Kenny.

Review by:

Roy Reyer

After much research, I took my P35 to Master Aircraft Services in Wickenburg, Arizona in March 2011.  Gus and his staff were very accommodating.  They anticipated answers to questions I had not thought to ask (even after I believed I had researched this process thoroughly).  The result received compliments from my shop mechanics and continues to receive frequent spontaneous compliments from passers-by.  The attention to detail is very impressive.  (Just one example:  Placard lettering adjacent to fuel ports matches the primary trim color, a style of red in my case.)  Other projects in various states of completion looked fantastic.

Gus is an excellent communicator; he spontaneously emailed several progress reports, along with lots of digital photos.  He always responded promptly to my inquiries.  Although the design will be left to you, the staff at Master Aircraft Services are artists insofar as the application of the chosen paint scheme.

Review by:
​Jim Unruh

Price 5 of 5
When I e-mailed an inquiry Gus responded with a quote that included a competitive price and the specifics of what I would be paying for. i.e. Prep, Removal/Reinstallation of flight controls, Balance flight controls, Up to 20 hours of body work included in quote (normally not needed), Detail, etc. He also specified the paint used (JetGlo). There were no surprises or hidden charges when I picked it up.

Finished Product 5 of 5
Better than anticipated!! Very good job!! I've had nothing but compliments from everyone that has seen it. No runs, no drips, no errors. 

Timeframe 5 of 5
Again, better than anticipated. Originally told 3 - 4 weeks. When I dropped it off I was told 4 weeks. He was done with it in 3 1/2 weeks. 

Facilities 4 of 5
He uses 3 hangers. One for detailing, one for prepping and one for painting. 

I shopped around for almost a year and received a number of quotes from several paint shops. Gus was right in the middle along with a couple others. I ended up relying on people that had their planes painted there. The previous Paint Shop Review was a big help. One of the things that impressed me with Master Aircraft was their desire to work with me and their flexibility. I was hoping to get it to the shop around Oct 25th +/- a few days. When I realized that wasn't going to happen Gus told me not to worry about it. He'd make sure I'd be fit into the schedule and the 3 - 4 week timeframe would be met. He has a crew that seems to work 7 days/week. I know they were even working Thanksgiving. Other places I contacted were not near as flexible. Some even told me I'd forfeit my deposit if I didn't make it on schedule. They made suggestions re color choices and design. When they had it taped, my wife and I went back to the shop to look at it before it was painted. The shop supervisor was very patient and made a number of changes with the tape so we could "see" what we were trying to achieve. Overall, it was an impressive experience.

Review by:
Bill Stegemann
RV10 N545RV

Hello Gus, Jose, Alex, and the rest of the gain at Master Aircraft.

Just wanted to send you a note to say thanks for the beautiful job you did on my RV-9A, I have received nothing but praise from those that have seen the plane.

Also, thank you for the hospitality you have shown me each time I visited the project in progress. I can sense that you have a fine team of top quality people in your group and you should be proud of everyone.

Thanks again, and I wish you all the best.


Bob Noll

Last after a long and patient wait I finally picked up my baby from the paint shop in mid June. I thank Gus with Master Aircraft Services in Wickenburg, AZ for giving her an unbelievable paint job. When I first saw her I was afraid to touch it as it absolutely looked wet.


Brian Perry

I love the plane so much. Every single person that sees it says something. I can't even get fuel without someone walking up to me and asking all about it!

Review by:

Dave Shapiro


The Pelican is running well, and continues to receive many compliments on the great paint job. Aerocet, who built the floats, is conducting an advertising campaign right now with your paint job prominently displayed.”

John Eckert

We picked up our Skywagon on March 23, 2020. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the paint job. It is absolutely stunning. Attention to detail was wonderful. More importantly, the staff and crews were incredibly pleasant to work with through the entire process, even long distance. Gus was great but a special call-out to Elizabeth. She was the best!!! I will have my future planes painted at Master Aircraft Services.

Henry Fore

Cessna A185F



Thank you for the information on your crew that worked on “our” airplane…I’m not sure what I can do to thank them other than THANKS.

As I sit here, I think back on all of the emails-263 of them to be exact – the phone calls, and the extra input you gave me not only on the exterior but on the interior decisions as well. Your guidance for paint selection, graphics and even seats, cabinets, and fabrics with Arturo, was invaluable to me, as I could not have possibly navigated those processes on my own.


Upon arrival at our home base at McClellan in Sacramento, the plane was greeted with many compliments. The operator of our hangar said it was not only the best paint replacement he had ever seen but the best paint job he had ever seen on a new plane! 


Irving Alameda

​King Air 300


Phoenix Flyers recently picked up our Archer, N47601, following it’s paint job at Master Aircraft Services in Wickenburg, AZ and we could not be more pleased! Master Aircraft Services was selected to paint the AOPA Sweepstakes Airplane in 2005 and provided us with the same attention to detail on our aircraft that they did on the sweepstakes plane. We went with the same color scheme as received from the factory and our Archer looks as good as it did when it came off the Piper assembly line. Actually, with the triple-shadow numbering it probably looks better. It may be old, but it looks terrific. Our member-owners have always said this has been a great aircraft to fly.  And now, once again, it looks great too!

Review by:
Phoenix Flyers, Inc.
Piper Archer PA-28-181


I had my 1974 F33/A painted at MasterAircraft in Wickenburg, AZ. (E25) They did a fantastic job, delivered the plane on the promised date, and did it at a very competitive price. MasterAircraft is listed as one of the top ten paint shops in America by Aviation Consumer.

Good Ole Gus is the contact person at 928-684-4926.

Review by: Denny Tryon

Dear Gus and staff,

Thank you so much for the timely and professional paint job of N50901. Thank you also for working with us in our unique situation with the donor, pictures, and dialogue concerning stripes and colors. So far, the design and color combination has been a real hit with our staff and others here at Ryan Air Field.

We also appreciate the donation of the cargo pod. It will be put to good use in helping the spiritual and physical needs of the people of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico.

We will continue to recommend your services to others, thanks again!

On behalf of UIM Aviation,

Tony Harmon
United Indian Mission Aviation
Cessna TU206F

Thanks Gus, Elizabeth and crew for your hard work on HH-VAN!  We sure appreciate your attention to details and a quality job.  Everyone loves the good job you did and we're thankful for you all.  Here's a few pics of HH-VAN at the airstrip on La Gonave.


​Mission Aviation Fellowship


​Cessna 208B Caravan

In September 2003, we had our 1973 Cessna 182P, N19492, painted at Master Aircraft Services, Inc of Wickenburg, Arizona. The aircraft was a bright “school bus” yellow with large block N-Numbers in blue. No other trim colors. We had Master Aircraft Services totally strip, controls removed and meticulously painted overall, white with striping down the side running to the numbers, which were slanted and shadowed. Same striping was applied near the top of the vertical fin. A most striking looking combination done without a blemish. Highly recommend the new owners expertise. 

​Paul & Michael Kelly


​Cessna 182P


​​Price 5 of 5

E-Mailed a list of questions along with paint concept drawings to a number of painters – Gus responded within 24 hours with details and price. Follow-on questions to Master Aircraft were handled by phone or E-Mail in less than 24 hours. In the pricing, Gus indicated what factors were contributing to the total cost and what the value of “deducts” or other options would be. There were no surprises or hidden charges upon completion.

Finished Product 5 of 5
Excellent paint job. Any items that I noticed/questioned were promptly resolved when inspecting the finished paint job. Everyone exhibited a keen attention to detail and wanted to make sure the job was to my satisfaction.

Timeframe 5 of 5
Delivered on schedule. Gus was very flexible on the start date as I was working with a weather window to get the airplane to Arizona. He originally told me to plan for 4 weeks and hope for 3 weeks. The airplane was finished in four weeks and they did a good job of keeping me posted of status via photos and E-Mail/telephone.

Facilities 4 of 5
Uses 3 hangers, one for detailing, one for prepping and one for painting. With several airplanes in work at the same time they do a very good job of masking and keeping aircraft unaffected by adjacent operations.

Prior to selecting Master Aircraft Services, I spoke with several RV owners who had their airplanes painted at Master and researched several other options. Gus was the most responsive and really seemed interested in working with me to get the paint right. When it came time to paint the trim, they effectively worked with me via photos/E-Mail to show and discuss options that weren’t detailed on the concept drawings. I was very impressed with their attention to detail and concern about quality of the finished product. One example was the addition of a bead of proseal on the canopy skirt edge with the Plexiglas.

Review by:
Ron Jagels
RV-8A N847RM



I can’t put into words how amazing the final result is. Thank you and your team for doing the best work. I am truly impressed by the pictures and can’t wait to see it in real life.  

Team Gutierrez

Piaggio Avanti P180